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Well-located properties in the core San Francisco Bay Area that offer true value-add opportunities which may include new development, rehab, repositioning and/or releasing. (Or properties that are just good strong income producers that can be acquired at a truly below market price. Not just below replacement cost - below current market.) A property with existing leased or partially leased buildings with surplus land for additional development is desirable.

Property Types
R&D, flex, industrial, life sciences, medical office, mixed use and office. Multi-tenant preferred over single occupant.

Priority Markets
The Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Preferred Deal Size
$5- $20 million, however smaller and larger acquisition opportunities of a unique nature will be considered.

We'll be most enthusiastic about properties that will, once repositioned, hold tenancy in soft markets by virtue of Class A location, Class A quality, and supply constraints in the sub-market in which the property is located or other characteristics that make the property a unique asset. Properties that can be upgraded to at least Class B in primary markets will also be evaluated.

0-100%. Properties with partial occupancy or for whom a user has been identified will be favored.

Environmentally impaired properties will be considered.

Due Diligence/Closing
We can be responsive and move quickly but expect adequate time to be provided for a due diligence period appropriate to the challenges and risks associated with the property.

Purchase of 100% fee simple interest preferred; joint venture structures will be considered for an extraordinary opportunity.

Broker Relationship
The firm acts solely as a principal and does not participate in brokerage fees. We will accept submittals from listing brokers only except in the case of off-market deals. Chamberlin Associates will provide fee protection to brokers that bring off-market transactions to the firm provided the property has not been present by another broker and is not currently under consideration.